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Early Warning Signs of Termites in Your NYC Home

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Early Warning Signs of Termites in Your NYC Home

In the United States alone, termites yearly infest more than six hundred thousand homes and cause costs in damages and eradication measures of more than five billion dollars. Those are some serious numbers for such a tiny little creature. But don't let that miniature appearance fool you. Though people are not on their menu, the structural integrity of your home is. So if you have any doubts about whether you share your home with them, you should prioritize getting your home inspected. We'll try to address the "ants" in the room through the following steps and teach you how to spot the early warning signs of termites in your NYC home before they cause any significant damage to your home.

man with a pipe and a magnifying glass looking at a plant, trying to spot early warning signs of termites in your NYC home
Finding termites isn't as easy as it might seem

The immediate signs of termites

As termites are living creatures, they tend to leave many of their life-cycle clues behind. So you should be on the lookout for:

  • Discarded termite wings
  • Termite droppings
  • Termite bodies

Other than termites and their loose parts, you should look for minor changes and damages to your home. Those can be:

  • Termite mud tubes (small surface channels made to streamline termite's travel from their lair to the food source)
  • Small holes in the drywall
  • Stuck or hard opening doors or windows
  • Hollow sounding wood when tapped on
  • Chewing noises coming from the inside of wooden surfaces and furniture
  • Maze-like patterns in wooden surfaces and furniture

Everything mentioned above is easily visible and noticeable if termites are present. And can help you determine if you have early signs of termites in your home.

You can't always spot them on your own

Man with a yellow vest and hat checking a window
If you cant spot early warning signs of termites in your NYC home , professional help is necessary

Even though you try your best to try and find them, you still may not be able to notice the signs of termite presence. Sometimes those pesky invaders have been doing damage for years without leaving any visible proof. And by the time evidence of their industrious ruination come to the surface, it might be too late. To combat that, you'll need help from professional inspectors. They will thoroughly inspect your home for any early signs of termites and advise you on whether further steps are necessary.

In these cases, it pays to be diligent and even a little paranoid.

Your home has termites. What now?

You had an inspection done, and they have determined that you have termites in your home. Locking up and tenting your home isn't necessarily the only solution. Although if it comes to that and you happen to live in the Brooklyn area, there are some great local moving companies you can contact to help you out. So, before you search for reliable help to help you move out temporarily, try to handle the problem in an easier way.

There are several options depending on the severity of the problem and the type of termites involved.

Type of termites

Although there are many termite species, they all fall into three categories. Out of those three, two types are the ones that can cause your real headaches.

  • Subterranean termites

These are the ones that can cause the most damage to your home. As their name suggests, they live underground in your home's surrounding soil and foundation wood. From there, they make tubes (termite mud tubes as mentioned above) through which they enter your home. Once they are in, they will chew anything wooden in their way, causing severe damage to your foundation and construction.

  • Drywood termites

Unlike subterranean termites that require contact with the soil to survive, drywood termites can live solely out of and entirely in wood. They do not expose their presence by making mud tubes, making them a bit trickier to notice. Although not as destructive as their subterranean brethren, under no circumstances should you ignore their presence.

Ways of extermination

  • Use boric acid, one of the most common and effective solutions to eliminate termites. It's easy to use; apply it over and into cracks in the walls, floor, and ceilings and let it do its magic. The acid shuts down the termite's nervous system while being safe for humans and pets.
  • Use termite baits. They come in many forms and require you to position them around your home's foundation strategically. When ingested, they slowly start poisoning the termites carrying them and those that come in contact with them. Ultimately spreading the poison through the entire colony and hopefully ending your problem.
  • Fumigation is your last resort if the infestation gets out of control. In this case, all the DIY solutions have been exhausted, and you'll need to call professionals to deal with the problem. Unfortunately, you must vacate your Brooklyn home for a couple of days. Most of the furniture will be okay to stay during the process, but for anything that you might need during your time away, consider contacting a good moving company to help you. Best Movers NYC suggest contacting a few companies before picking the one that suits your needs and the budget. You must find reliable partners for that endeavor. You'll need their services getting your things out of your home and returning them in. And all that in a relatively short period.
A man in a hazmat suit fumigating a room
Only professionals should do extermination

How to prevent infestation

Termites can live in your home for years before you notice them being there. All the while causing irreparable damage to your home and furniture. Damage might even endanger the very lives of the people whose homes they invade. It's not uncommon for people to move out of their residence due to termite infestation. So little prevention won't seem like a hassle when you know all that. Here are some things you should do to be on the safe side regarding termites:

  • Make it a habit to inspect your home for any signs of termites seasonally, or call professionals in New York City to do it for you
  • Regularly clean your gutters and exposed piping
  • Make sure any scraped wood or firewood is stored as far away from your home
  • Termites love damp surroundings, so keep your walls and floors dry. Do this by diverting the rainwater away from your home and fixing any leaks that you might have. Keep your attic, basement, and any other space in your home dry and clutter-free
  • Make sure any structural cracks on your home are sealed to cut away termites point of entry

Sometimes, you won’t be able to spot early warning signs of termites in your NYC home. That’s why scheduling regular home inspections is the best way to go. And when you notice the presence of these pests in your home, don’t ignore them. Act immediately!