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Expensive Fixes a Home Inspection Can Uncover

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Has the time finally come to start looking for a new (dream) home? If it has, well, congratulations are in order! But, before you close the deal and before you open that bottle of champagne to celebrate, be sure to have your new home thoroughly inspected. A professional and trained eye will be able to spot all the defects that the current owners are trying to hide - flaws that may end up costing you an arm and a leg. Believe it or not, a home inspection can reveal fixes that cost up to $20,000. And, that will be our topic of the day - expensive fixes a home inspection can uncover. So, if you want to save your money, and if you want to save the time and energy that you would otherwise spend on fixing the home you bought, keep on reading.

Water Leaks

One of the most common and the most expensive fixes a home inspection can uncover is a water leak. This is because a water leak can occur anywhere in a home and cause damages of serious proportions. What may seem like a harmless leak on your roof, for example, can quickly turn into a severe problem that can affect the structural integrity of the home - something that only a trustworthy home inspection company will be able to warn you about.

Water leaks can be anything from leaky faucets to busted water piping. Moreover, repairs can cost anywhere from $150 to $5000. Thus, save yourself from all these troubles and have your home inspected by a professional before you buy it.

Two faucets on a wall.
even the smallest water leaks can threaten the whole house.

Electrical Issues

The previously mentioned water-related fixes can be seen and smelt. Thus, it goes within saying that they are a lot easier to notice. This is something that cannot be said about the electrical fixes. They are hard to find and expensive to repair, and they are also extremely dangerous for everybody in that home.

If you have to change faulty outlets, you will pay approximately $100, which is not a big problem. But, what will be a big problem is replacing outdated wiring. That fix alone can end up costing from $3,000 to $5,000! And, as doing this is a job that will last for weeks, maybe even months, you will also have to postpone moving into your new home. Thus, movers from Clean Cut Moving advise that you be sure to hire a professional home inspection company to ensure your home is safe for moving in before you even think about hiring moving help.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues are also widespread and costly fixes a home inspection can uncover. These issues occur in older homes especially, so if you plan on buying one, you know what to do - hire somebody to check each and every plumbing-related spot. There may be problems with outdated piping, leaks, water pressure, cross-connection, etc. The good news is that fixing all of these will not be complicated or time-consuming. But, the bad news is that the plumber will leave you with a hefty bill.

Speaking of bills, you are probably thinking about who will be the one paying for all those repairs, right? Well, if you had the home inspected before buying a house, the seller should be the one paying. But, if you are having your home inspected now when the house is already yours, you will be the one paying for everything. So, don't think that spending $500 on a home inspection is a lot, especially when that can save you ten times more.

An outdated, yellow valve.
Never overlook plumbing issues - they can break your bank.

Damaged Roof

A typical residential roof in the USA has a life expectancy of approximately 15 years. So, all roofs will start to decay and become more prone to damage as they age. Of course, since replacing a roof is very expensive ($15,000), most older homes for sale have inadequate roofing. Thus, the chances of you buying a house with this 'condition' are very high. Once again - there is a simple solution! If you hire a home inspection company, you will get all the information about the condition of your roof and the condition of the entire home.

And, just as hiring good inspectors is important, so is hiring good residential movers. You need someone reliable to deal with your belongings and their transport to your new home. But, wait until you have the entire home inspected until setting your moving date. If you move into an uninspected home, you will probably have to move out of it quite soon.

A damaged roof.
Just because you can't see all the damages on the roof doesn't mean they aren't there.

Structural Issues

Finally, a structural issue is one of the most expensive fixes a home inspection can uncover. Or even worse, a lot of structural problems. It is simple - if a particular home has issues with the foundation, large cracks around the property, bulging walls, uneven flooring, rotting masonry, etc., fixing that home will be a nightmare. Not only is this going to break your budget, but it will also leave your home unlivable for a long time. Thus, make sure to put checking structural issues on your home inspection checklist before moving into a new home.

Of course, not all structural issues are expensive and hazardous. Some of them can be fixed quickly and cheaply. But, rare are those cases! What often happens is failing to see a crack in the foundation and, after having the home inspected, realizing that you will either have to invest a lot more money or resell it.

As you can see, there are a lot of expensive fixes a home inspection can uncover. Today, we mentioned just a few of them, but the truth is, there are many more! So, do yourself a favor and hire a reliable home inspection company - their professionals are the only ones that can save you from getting into expensive home troubles.

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