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Main differences between condo and house inspection

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A condo building

If you are going house hunting, you will inevitably need to do a home inspection. However, even if you think you are knowledgeable about it, there are differences between what you need to look out for in a condo and an actual house. To help you learn more about the subject, we have prepared a guide on the main differences between condo and house inspection.

House inspections
A house inspection takes longer
The question of how long a home inspection takes is a complex one. However, it is without a doubt true that a house inspection takes a much longer time than a condo inspection, especially if you want it to be particularly thorough. This is because a house inspection simply has far too many intricacies that need attention. On the other hand, a condo inspection is much easier to complete due to the limited space a condo covers. You can be as thorough as you like, but there is still not much to see or scrutinize.

Roofing concerns
Making sure your roof is in good condition is a huge thing during a house inspection and one of the main differences between condo and house inspection. Even the moving experts affiliated with Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC recommend doing the necessary roofing repairs before moving in. If your roof has any issues, the first rain that comes along could cause massive damage to your belongings. Not to mention the fact that it would also cause all sorts of damage to the rest of your house.

Exterior inspection
An interesting aspect of a house inspection is that it typically covers the exterior of a house, too. It is crucial for a potential buyer, or the owner for that matter, to know the state of the house’s façade. Any problems that are noticed are hardly only of aesthetic nature. If there are cracks in the façade, rain can get into them, causing structural damage to your home.

Basement and attic
Both basements and attics are potential hotspots for issues. This is why it is important to insist on having them thoroughly checked. Of course, any reliable home inspection services in New York are sure to do so with or without a special request as part of the package. Your main enemy in both of these locations is going to be mold. If noticed, it is not the end of the world. However, you can be sure that getting rid of it will not be a quick or easy process. Mold in an attic or basement is a sign of too much moisture, which means you will need to deal with that before permanently solving the issue.

An attic room
If an attic or basement is in good condition, you can even turn them into additional rooms.

The quality of wiring in homes can vary wildly depending on its age or the reliability of the construction company that built it. And while apartment buildings offer some guarantee in this regard, a house really doesn’t. This is why it is extra important to ensure that a home’s wiring is well laid and maintained. If it is not, the repair costs can be ridiculous. This is because replacing wiring sometimes necessitates digging into the floor or walls.

Condo inspections
Shared walls, ceiling, and floor

The importance of shared walls, ceilings, and floors is one of the main differences between condo and house inspections. If the connections between your apartment and the others in the building have issues, then this is a sign that you likely have problematic neighbors. They could have problems with plumbing they refuse to solve because they don’t affect them personally. Or they could have tried putting up a painting and damaged the wall on your side, too. In these cases, the only real option is looking for storage services as a handy solution for excess items while you try your best to fix up the affected rooms. Of course, some problems, such as water damage from an upstairs apartment, are impossible to permanently fix without the cooperation of your neighbors.

If you live on one of the higher floors, having access to an elevator will be indispensable. You can’t really be expected to drag bags of groceries all the way to the tenth floor, can you? However, some older buildings can have a malfunctioning or even out-of-commission elevators. A skilled home inspector will be able to gauge the state of the elevators and advise you accordingly. The only hiccup is that this knowledge is only helpful before a condo purchase. After all, elevator repairs are something all tenants of a condo building should be involved in.

An elevator
A malfunctioning elevator can be a serious danger to you.

If there are issues with plumbing, you and your downstairs neighbors will be in trouble. It is only wise to avoid condos that have badly done plumbing. That is unless you feel like depending on the reliability of your upstairs neighbors.

Mold can be tough to get rid of in a condo. Once again, you cannot know whether the source of the issue is within your unit or the result of someone else letting water damage seep into the connecting walls between your condos. So, if a condo inspection turns out large amounts of mold, better pass on that particular purchase.

In a house, you would be responsible for your heating. However, in a condo, you would be reliant on the heating solution the rest of the building is using for the most part. This is why the final of the main differences between condo and house inspection is the attention that needs to be paid to the condo’s heating system! Make sure to find a home inspector who can gauge the quality of a heating system’s effectiveness.

A radiator under a window
The effectiveness of your heating depends on other things too, such as the condition of your windows.

Final words
If you keep in mind all of the main differences between condo and house inspection, you will be able to do a part of it yourself. However, it is still better to find a professional you can rely on to give you the most thorough and detailed home inspection.

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