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Tips for using lighting to expand your home

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Tips for using lighting to expand your home (2)

If you think about it, lighting really is a thing that makes or breaks a room. It is the one thing that changes the mood, sets the ambiance, and defines spaces. Moreover, depending on how you use your lighting, it can emphasize your home's good or bad sides. In return, this will make your home more functional and enjoyable, and, ultimately, it will increase your home's value if you ever decide to sell it. So, why opt for the bad lighting when there are so many options out there? There truly is something for everybody's taste.

You can use lightning to do different things in your home too! Believe it or not, but there are tips for using lighting to expand your home. You just need to learn a few right lighting techniques and get some appropriate lighting fixtures. Of course, this is only visual, but hey, why not make the most out of your home's lighting?


The kitchen is where we do our cooking and baking. But, for most families, it is also the place to gather around, talk, share stories, etc. With all of this, chaos is bound to happen. And although you cannot physically expand the boundaries of your kitchen, you can do it visually. You can use some tricks to visually broaden and enlarge your kitchen and make it a more enjoyable and more functional space at the same time.

  • Install under-cabinet lighting. It will elongate the countertops and also illuminate them when necessary.
  • Don't neglect dark corners. Kitchens, like all other rooms, tend to have dark corners - shelves, pantries, countertops, cupboards, etc. Light them. Use string LED lights or table lamps in dark places. 
  • The ceilings are not enough! Add some pendant lamps above the kitchen islands and breakfast nooks. You can even add pendant lights above any place you are trying to emphasize, like the stove or the sink. 

If we have persuaded you and want to work on your kitchen's (and other rooms) lightning, have in mind that this is not an easy task. There are some electrical projects that DIYers should simply not take on. If you have no experience, do not play with electricity. Hire an expert! 

A kitchen

Tips for using lighting to expand your home should first be applied to make your kitchen a comfortable and functional place!

Living and Dining Rooms  

Living and dining rooms are the two most versatile rooms in any home. We use them for eating, doing work, studying, entertaining, relaxing, etc. For these rooms to be this versatile, you must make sure their lighting is adaptable. If you do it properly, you will make these rooms not only visually larger but also more functional for each and every different action you do here. Yes, you can do that without doing a complete renovation or contacting a moving agency like Wayfinder Moving Services to relocate you. Here are some ideas on how to make that happen. 

  • Scaling is important! If you want your living and dining rooms (and all your other rooms, for that matter) to appear bigger and more proportionate, you should get rid of any oversized lamps, lanterns, pendants, etc. 
  • Adding a dimmer switch is always a good idea. It will allow you to change the lightning, and thus the vibe, of your rooms depending on the activity you are doing.
  • Light dark corners. Like in the kitchen, living and dining rooms have dark corners that, once the sun goes down, have no function. And, besides being dysfunctional, these dark corners can also make a place seem smaller. There is an easy fix - add a lamp that gives a subtle glow.
  • Bright, big chandeliers are a must! There is simply no place better for a chandelier than above the dining table or above the central coffee table.

An open concept home

Do not underestimate the power of lightning in your living and dining rooms.


When it comes to bedrooms - master bedrooms, kid's rooms, guest rooms - we need all the space we can get. You can achieve that by remodeling. Or by packing up all your furniture, getting it ready for the move, and relocating to a bigger place. However, just as previously mentioned, before you start redecorating and moving away, consider playing with your lightning first. In bedrooms, just like in all other rooms, there are ways to use your lightning to expand the interior visually.

  • Use softer lights. Even though bright lights are a much better option when trying to visually expand the space in your rooms, you should avoid them here. Instead, use soft, warm lights wherever possible.
  • Again, light those dark corners! For this, you can even use candles or the lights coming from alarm clocks. 

A bedroom with interesting lights, representing tips for using lighting to expand your home

Do not be afraid to play with your bedroom lights.


Bathrooms are usually the last places we think of when trying to get our lightning just right. But, it shouldn't be like that. After all, those bathrooms are the first place we visit when we wake up and the last place we go to before we hit the bed. Thus, we should make them as comfortable and as functional as possible. And, while doing so, why not make them visually bigger and more appealing. Here is how to do that.

  • Install bright lighting around the mirror. Go as bright as you can. You will be thankful for those lights once you start getting ready in the morning. 
  • Try to mimic natural lighting. Today, many different types of lighting fixtures radiate different kinds of glow.
  • Avoid large sources of lights. Bathrooms are not the places to add massive chandeliers and lamps. As they are usually tiny, adding large and bulky lighting fixtures will only make them smaller and more crowded. Instead, opt for smaller lights.

As you can see, there are many useful tips for using lighting to expand your home. There is no need to panic the minute you realize your space is not as ample as you want it. Don't overreact and grab a demolition hammer or pack your suitcases for relocation. First, follow some of our tips to make the best of what you are dealing with. Surely will you be impressed by what you can achieve only by tweaking the lighting a bit.