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Tips for decluttering your home for safety

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Decluttering your home for safety is obligatory every few months

In our homes, we all have a little "junk" sitting around. Well, some of us more than a little. Throughout the years, we collect gifts from our loved ones, photos, furniture, and items that we don't need anymore. It does not matter how much stuff we have, we can all benefit from decluttering our lives and homes. Decluttering will make your life much more organized. We all have areas in our homes that become cluttered, and they can harbor dangers for you and your family. Therefore, decluttering will not only make your home look and feel more organized, but it will also create a safer environment for you and your loved ones. Here, we will give you tips for decluttering your home for safety in all areas of your home.

# Begin with your kids' room
Even though all those toys and clothes your kids possess are part of a joyful childhood, keeping it all organized is essential for the health and safety of your little ones. Ever kids’ rooms have that overflowing toy box where all the toys are just crowded together. The toys settled in the bottom of the toy box can become damaged or they can break and leave small, jagged parts. Therefore, from time to time, you need to remove broken or unused toys. Also, it is important to designate a place for the toys, clothes, and backpacks, so that the items are not left on the floor. If they are left recklessly on the floor, someone might trip on them. Another important thing is to properly pack electrical equipment in the kids’ room, and use outlet covers in younger children’s rooms and conceal cords in all children’s rooms.

Boys playing with building blocks in the kids’ room
Start decluttering your home for safety with the kids’ room

# Don‘t forget to declutter bathroom for your home safety
When you decide to finally eliminate the clutter in your home, you must not forget the bathroom. You need to clean out the medicine cabinet and properly dispose of the expired or unused medications. When disposed of properly, there will be a small chance to misuse the medication. On some occasions, storing unnecessary items is wise, but it is not the case with medications. When you store unnecessary medications in your home, you will increase the risk of family members mistakenly using a drug that they weren't prescribed.

If you are storing cleaning supplies in the bathroom, make sure you clean out the cleaners and allow brushes and sponges to dry completely before storing. If you tuck away toilet brushes or cleaning sponges in a storage closet before they can dry, you will create an environment where mold and mildew can flourish.

# Declutter your kitchen regularly
Kitchen storage is a place you have to declutter two or three times a year. Having a messy and cluttered kitchen is not practical, and it is also a mistake to avoid when selling your home. Remove all the food from the shelves, toss away the food with an expired date, and clean out any crumbs and spills in the pantry or fridge. Don’t leave unpacked food or crumbs on the shelves, because they can cause mold growth or serve as an invitation for insects or pests. Cleaning the kitchen will not just make your pantry and fridge look neat, but it will also create a safer space for food storage.

Set of tool wrench neatly stored in the garage
It is essential to keep the sharp items in your garage out of reach

# Recycle the trash from your garage
We all have items that we don't want to put in the trash, so they end up piled in the garage, waiting for their destination. Some of these items include:

  • Motor oil and paint – these items shouldn’t be accessible to children and must be properly stored or you can donate the excess to prevent fires in your home
  • Electronics and batteries – the most environmentally way to dispose of these items is to donate them for use or drop them off at a recycling center; thus you will declutter your home for safety
  • Smoke detectors and thermometers – take these unneeded items to any electronics recycling facility

Don’t forget to store the sharp element and tools in high places. You can add a pegboard wall in the garage to hang the drills and handsaw up high and away from children. In this way, your children will be protected.

A man holding an orange grass cutter in his backyard-min
Regular maintaining of your backyard will prevent accident and will make you and your family safer

# It is important to maintain your backyard
Don't leave small, loose toys, gardening tools, or fallen branches in the backyard. You need to pick these items and store them neatly. Otherwise, they can be a tripping hazard if they become hidden by falling leaves. Also, make sure that outdoor toys are in proper working order, by checking safety measures. Check out the tires on the bicycles and riding/driving toys, and make sure that they are inflated and that the brakes are functioning. 

Decluttering your home regularly has multiple benefits. If you decide to sell your home and to call to move to another one, you will already have your stuff organized and ready for packing. However, the most important thing is the safety in your home. All you have to do is to set aside some time and to address these areas in your home.  So follow our tips for decluttering your home for safety and make your home cleaner and safer place for you and your family.