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Common Mistakes People Make While Hiring The Services Of A Home Inspector

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As the dream of homeownership nears realization, the excitement to complete the process quickly, and move into the new house, causes several people to bypass the crucial step of having a home inspection carried out. At other times, to reduce closing costs, people try to cut out the inspection. Unfortunately, what many people don’t realize is how important a home inspection is before closing on the purchase of a home.

A home inspector analyses every aspect of a house right from the structure and basement to the hinges and roof, including plumbing, electrical wiring and other components of a home. Through the report they generate, they make you aware of the drawbacks of a house and how urgently they need to be looked at. Failure to avail the benefits of a home inspection leaves the door open to nasty surprises that have the potential to drain your finances. 

At House Pro Home Inspection Inc., we want to help you to make the best use of home inspections and avoid expensive errors that several people unknowingly commit. To do so, we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when buying a home.

1. Not conducting enough research before hiring a home inspector.

Home inspection involves both inspecting and correctly identifying issues at the very first go. Rushing to execute work without conducting thorough research about the home inspector is a grave concern because it results in substandard work, rework or bloated costs. Checking credentials, seeking references and making inquiries about the scope and quality of work performed by professionals help you to avoid costly errors.

2. Not hiring a home inspector before purchasing your home.

A qualified professional helps to pinpoint concerns and highlight consequent costs before you purchase a home. Information and guidance provided by a home inspector helps you to make an educated home purchasing decision.

3. Hiring a home inspector who provides a one size fits all solution.

Proficient home inspectors personally visit your home for a thorough inspection to correctly identify and learn first-hand of the severity of the deficiencies. A clear picture of the issues to be resolved assists professionals to answer your questions as well as communicate any grave concerns that need to be remediated immediately. Hiring an inspector who doesn’t visit the home is a scam you should avoid at all costs.

4. Hiring an inspector based on their charges.

Not all home inspectors are competent enough to execute work across different categories. It’s only natural that charges would vary across professionals depending on their competence and level of specialization. Focusing only on the least charges leads to hiring a novice who will not be able to meet your needs. You must choose a professional who is competent and experienced to cater to all your needs at a cost which is optimal but not necessarily the least.  

House Pro Home Inspection Inc. has the technical know-how to help you to avoid these common mistakes as well as others and guide you with your house inspection needs.

Our New York State licensed home inspectors offer you a smooth home inspection process that covers all aspects of your home. We are a young, progressive and dynamic company offering services such as outdoor and indoor inspection, termite home inspection, thermal imaging, condo inspection, and co-op inspection. Recognition for our high-quality services has come from our customers as well as industry awards received by us.

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