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How House Pro Home Inspection Inc. Helps You Spot Property Issues

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Buying or selling a home is a big step irrespective of whether it’s your first or fifth house. To ensure everything goes on without a glitch, you must source the services of professionals like a realtor, mortgage broker, and home inspector. While often taken for granted, home inspections are essential during the home buying and selling process because they determine if a house is safe to put on the market and also what its price will be.

House Pro Home Inspection Inc. is a certified home inspection company, and I am an experienced inspector with reliable knowledge of the different home issues. As a general contractor, I understand the mechanisms of different parts of a house and where they develop faults over time and can help you spot them before it’s too late.

Keep reading to learn about how I help clients benefit from a home inspection by an experienced professional.

The Challenge: Helping clients understand different issues with a new home.

To purchase a home, buyers usually depend on funds from home loans. However, to borrow money, lenders typically ask for information about a home’s structural defects, safety issues, and building violations. If problems associated with these three aspects arise, the property seller is liable to get them fixed.

Other areas of a house that may develop issues over time include the roofing. It should be checked for holes, cracks, and broken or missing shingles. The inspection of the plumbing and wiring of a house is just as important because they are hidden and may have faults that were left unchecked by the seller, which could lead to a hefty expense for the buyer. The same can be said about heating and cooling systems, damp walls and floors.

The Solution: Counting on the home inspection experts at House Pro Home Inspection Inc.

As a general contractor, I am familiar with all home building issues. I can offer resolutions to common problems. Electrical and plumbing problems require knowledgeable professionals to fix them. Tinkering with live wires is dangerous and attempting to repair pipes and leaks by yourself can make a little problem worse.

I offer my expert opinions to clients on a daily basis during home inspections, and it has helped many of my clients avoid bad property investments while others have used this information to negotiate better prices for the homes they adore. For home sellers, the inspection results and advice I provide allows them to prepare their homes to meet the standards of the state and their customers as well.

The Bottom Line

As the best NY State licensed home inspectors, House Pro Home Inspection Inc., ensures you receive trusted inspection services. I am aware of the concerns you have when signing legal contracts for a property you plan to make their home or sell. To help ease your mind and enjoy the home buying and selling process, I provide a thorough checkup of the entire house.

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