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Meet The Face Behind House Pro Home Inspection Inc.

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Meet The Face Behind House Pro Home Inspection Inc.

I’m Zack Salem, proud owner of House Pro Home Inspection Inc.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

I have been a home inspector for eight years and a general contractor for twenty-three years.

My services include inspecting electrical circuits and panels, structural inspections of framing and foundation, roof inspection, mechanical boilers and water heaters, etc. Basically, the entire home must be carefully inspected for any deficiencies as a client must be aware of any significant concerns before signing the contract to move forward with the sale of the home.

Throughout my day, travel time plays a large part in this as the NYC area is extremely congested and sometimes it takes up to two hours to reach a specific home, depending on the time of day. Typical a family home takes about two hours to inspect thoroughly, while larger multi-family homes take three hours to inspect.

My business holds a large amount of liability. People are sometimes purchasing homes in the millions of dollars here in NYC. Making sure the buyer is aware of all the significant deficiencies is important. Buyers don’t want to move into their new home with any unknown issues they were not aware of at the time of the inspection.

My previous experience as general contractor helps me gauge structural strength as I used to frame new homes for a living at one time in my career. I have well-honed termite damage detection skills and hold a Termite Lic. issued by the DEP. I take great pride in finding termite damage that is extremely difficult to catch. Long Island, NY is one of the most infested areas in the country and finding termites in homes in Long Island is crucial to the buyer since none of them want to buy homes with termites.

Apart from my own company, I admire HouseMaster Home Inspections. Built from the ground up and now one of the largest home inspection businesses in the nation, this company started in Long Island, NY, with only one inspector and now has reached to the level where they are selling franchises. I tried buying an NYC franchise but as it was taken already, I started my own practice.

A close friend of mine Larry Massaro has had the most impact on my leadership style, as his experience in sales, attitude and social skills have brought him success. It is something I wish to learn from and replicate.

I believe that my personality has played a big part in my success, as I’m very social and outgoing. Communication is key in this business and silence will not get you more business, especially with real estate agents. My business depends on referrals from agents since they are ones who are in the market for selling and buying homes for their clients. Hard work is also vital as if you put in the effort, you will see the returns.

While I am not working, I enjoy angling. I own a boat and spend my off hours fishing. I am also active in several charities and enjoy helping people. I’m focused on feeding needy children throughout the world. War is ravaging several parts of the world and children are always clueless about the purpose of war and for this reason, they are the ones who suffer the most. Who will help the children if we humans don’t? Organizations such as UNICEF and Save the Children are the primary outlets that can help but they can only do so much. No one has ever gone bankrupt by donating to the needy and neither will I. You help the needy and God will help you! That’s my concept!

Being an honest, personable and communicating with the buyer and agent is important. This business is a business that requires the inspector to communicate the deficiencies in the home in a non-frightening way. Especially to the buyer. Explaining the correct way to rectify the issue to the buyer is important. This is the main reason why I have a list of real estate agents who call me on a regular basis as I don’t frighten their clients away from the homes. Other inspectors call everything out and scare the buyer away from the property without explaining how to fix things and the cost of fixing them.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise in home inspection, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit our website at


Zack Salem