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Essential Fire Safety Tips for Brooklyn Homeowners

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close-up of fire extinguisher

Fire safety is one of the things every homeowner should take very seriously, especially in NYC. House fires are hazardous and lead to a lot of expensive damage. So, taking precautions to protect your home from fires is incredibly important overall. That includes the prevention of fires and a way to warn you if a fire somehow starts. And remember, when it comes to fire safety, you can’t ever be too safe. Making sure your home is safe should always be a top priority, and having an escape plan is vital. So, to help you make your home as safe as possible, we’ve put together a list of essential fire safety tips for Brooklyn homeowners, and we hope you find it helpful.

Install smoke alarms and make sure they work

The first on the list of essential fire safety tips for Brooklyn homeowners is to install smoke alarms. Not only are smoke detectors one of the best ways to warn you of a house fire, but you are also legally required to have at least one per story for your home to be up to code. Of course, you should regularly ensure they’re functional besides just installing them. Smoke detectors can malfunction and run out of batteries; you should keep an eye out for this. Remember, you should never take chances with fire safety, and working smoke alarms are legally required anyway. Creating a maintenance schedule that includes checking your smoke alarms is a good idea. Since they’re one of the best ways to warn you of a house fire, it’s in your best interest to ensure your smoke detectors are always functional, so take care.

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Installing smoke detectors is one of the fire safety tips for Brooklyn homeowners that you should follow.

Make sure space heaters are spaced properly

Space heaters are, without a doubt, handy during the year's cold months. And it can get quite cold in NYC, so using space heaters is quite common in Brooklyn. But space heaters can also be hazardous if not given enough space in the room. Objects placed too close to space heaters will catch fire, and things can escalate quickly. Additionally, make sure your pets or children can’t reach your heaters. It’s very easy for fur and clothes to catch fire, especially if the heater works for extended periods. So, remember to be very careful with space heaters and space them out properly. Additionally, if you’re moving to Brooklyn this year, remember that experts can help you out with your relocation. After all, hiring local movers is the best way to ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound in your new home.

Keep an eye out for electrical faults

Next up on the list of essential fire safety tips for Brooklyn homeowners is to keep an eye out for electrical faults around the home. Electrical faults are among the most common causes of house fires and can easily lead to one. Contact an electrician if you notice your appliances malfunction, smoke, or emit an unusual smell. Additionally, replace any frayed or cracked cables quickly, and if you notice blackened electrical outlets, contact a professional. All of these are reasonable indications that your house needs some electrical work. And remember, this is a common cause of house fires, so you should do your best to fix issues before anything happens. The best way to deal with fires is to prevent them from happening in the first place. As such, you should never take chances regarding fire safety, including fixing electrical faults.

close-up of electrical outlets
Electrical faults are a common cause of house fires.

Be careful with matches and lighters

Whatever you use matches and lighters for around the home, be it for something simple like smoking or anything else, always be careful. It’s easy to accidentally start a fire using matches and lighters. Additionally, careless smoking is currently considered the most common cause of fires in New York City. So, Brooklyn homeowners should be extra careful when smoking around their homes. Also, make sure matches and lighters are always placed where children can’t reach and teach your children that they should bring matches and lighters to adults as soon as they find them. And if you’re considering buying a new home, remember to do a home inspection to ensure it’s safe. Fire safety is essential, but it’s not the only concern concerning potential homes, so make sure everything is in order before committing to a home.

Install a home sprinkler system, just in case

Home sprinkler systems are a fantastic way to ensure that it doesn’t get out of hand if a fire does occur. Statistics show that in 96% of house fires in homes with sprinkler systems, the fire is over before the firefighters arrive. Of course, this isn’t a reason to get complacent. You should still be careful and do your best to avoid fires in the first place. But, as a measure to make sure the damage caused by the fire is minimal, home sprinkler systems are invaluable. Also, sprinkler systems have been almost perfected, as they’re guaranteed to never misfire and are confirmed to be very effective in suppressing house fires. The cost could be an issue, but the investment is worth every dollar. Peace of mind can never be too expensive, so we recommend planning to install one of these systems ASAP.

kitchen interior
A home sprinkler system is the best way to prevent a house fire from getting out of hand.

Essential fire safety tips for Brooklyn homeowners – closing thoughts

Fire safety is among the most important things every homeowner should think about. After all, a house fire is one of the most destructive things that can happen to a household. As such, taking measures to ensure a house fire doesn’t happen or, at the very least, the damage caused by it is minimal is incredibly important. So, prepare your home for the possibility of a house fire and do your best to prevent them from happening. We hope this list of essential fire safety tips for Brooklyn homeowners helps you, and we wish you a good day.

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